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Castelbuono (about 98 km from the B&B):

Castelbuono is a country located in the northern part of the Madonie Park.
The village, solemnly dominated by the imposing Castle of the Ventimiglia, was built in the Byzantine era and since the fourteenth century was the main center of the kingdom of the noble family of Ventimiglia.
We recommend visiting the Church of San Francesco, built in the medieval period, which preserves inside a lovely chapel dedicated to the Ventimiglia family, a ciborium from the sixteenth century and a Madonna with Child realized by the artist Gagini.
The Cathedral Church of the village is characterized by a facade with two portals, surmounted by a magnificent bell tower with a spire decorated with beautiful majolica.
The mother church keeps inside a Polittico, a statue of Gagini and a magnificent fresco of the '400.
To be visited the Castle of the '300 with inside the magnificent chapel of St. Anne and the small museum.
At Castelbuono there are several restaurants where you can enjoy the excellent cuisine of the area.
From the village you can easily reach the many pine forests of the Park Madonie and the ski resort of Piano Battaglia.