Bed and Breakfast a Palermo

Cefalù (about 74 km from the B&B):

Cefalù is one of the the most celebrated resorts in Sicily.
Located in a beautiful panoramic position, the city is rich of numerous palaces adorned with magnificent architectural decorations and many churches with beautiful portals.
The immense and solemn Cathedral, one of the best Norman churches in Sicily, dominates uncontested the landscape.
The fishing village, with its ancient houses facing the sea and the beautiful and renowned sandy beach, is really full of fascination.
To visit the majestic Cathedral, between two massive bell towers with inside three naves and the nearby Chiostro, the Church of Purgatory, with its Baroque portal decorated, the Church of Santo Stefano with the beautiful baroque facade, the Church of Chain or Chiesa della Catena, of rare beauty; palaces such as the Palazzo del Monte di Pietà, the Isnello Palace, the Palace Lo Presti, the Palace Osterio Magno, the Seminary, the Bishop's Palace and the Oratory of the Holy Sacrament, the Municipal Palace, built in the ex Monastery of St. Catherine, the Palazzo Piraino, with the ashlar portal of the late sixteenth century and the Palazzo Maria, decorated with a portal and a window in the Gothic style.
The fascinating ancient public Lavatoio located in a picturesque setting in the rock, interesting stone building of the medieval period with a source of fresh water that flows from the mouths, arranged on three walls, in a bath situated at the top of a staircase.
The precious Mandralisca Museum contains notable examples of Siceliot pottery and various collections.
A trip to the Rocca which dominates Cefalù is a must to visit the remains of the fortifications, the remains of prehistoric sanctuary of the Temple of Diana and, on top of the Rocca, the remains of the medieval Castle.