Sciacca (about 138 km from the B&B):

The country of Sciacca is located midway along the beautiful coast that from Menfi brings to Agrigento.
The town is picturesquely situated on the slope of a natural terrace overlooking the sea, solemnly dominated by Mount San Calogero.
Sciacca is a popular seaside resort but also an acient thermal bath location, celebrated since centuries for its therapeutic hot water and for the famous Stoves of Vapour located in the natural caves of Mount San Calogero.
Numerous monuments of the country among which the palaces of the '500 and '600, many churches and monasteries in the Baroque style.
Sciacca also preserves many buildings of the Norman period.
We recommend to visit the magnificent Steripinto Palace, a palace built in the picturesque Catalan Gothic style, one of the most original buildings in the country.
The beautiful Church of Santa Margherita, dating back to the fourteenth century, characterized by the splendid Gothic facade and the portal, located on the side, built in Gothic-Renaissance style.
The interior is rich of polychrome stucco, reliefs, statues and frescoes.
The Church of the Carmine, with its baroque facade unfinished and the rose window dating back to the fourteenth century.
In the same street of the church stands the Perollo Palace and the Tower of Pardo, both of the fifteenth century.
At the center of the city stands the Cathedral dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene and built by the Normans in the '200, adorned with beautiful sculptures of ‘500.
Near the Cathedral you can visit the Church of the College, the Palace Inveges and the Thermal Selinuntine with the establishments of thermal water and mud.
The Church of Santa Maria Valverde, built in Norman period with a rich facade flanked by two crenellated towers.
In the old quarter of Terravecchia you can visit the Church of St. Nicholas and St. Michael's Church, with its imposing bell tower, and the ruins of the Castle of the Moon, dating back to the Aragonese period.
From Sciacca you can make excursion to rich the summit of Mount San Calogero, from which you can admire a magnificent landscape.
On top of the mountain lies the Sanctuary of San Calogero, which houses a statue of the saint.
At the famous Stoves of San Calogero, natural caves from which emerge vapors curative, rises the thermal establishment of San Calogero.
About two kilometers from the center of Sciacca, in a field of olive trees, is located the Enchanted Castle, realized by the artist Bentivenga, consisting of many faces carved on rocks and trees that create a very suggestive atmosphere.