Piazza Armerina

Archaeological Park of the Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina (about 164 km from the B&B):

The Villa Romana del Casale, dating from the fourth century d.C., is an archaeological park of great cultural interest located near the town of Piazza Armerina.
The Villa Romana del Casale is famous worldwide for its famous mosaics, among the most beautiful and best preserved in the world.
The monumental complex covers an area of over 3500 square meters and presents itself as a precious testimony of the life in Roman times.
The villa was built to house the hunting residence of Maximilian Herculean, an important figure of the Roman Empire.
The realization of the mosaics is attributed to the masters of African art which spread the art of mosaic in all countries with which it had contact.
Given the excellent state of preservation, the mosaics of the Villa del Casale are now considered the largest and most well made mosaics from Roman times.
The colors used to represent scenes of the mosaics are still very vivid and well preserved.
The scenes are various and represent both mythological scenes and both scenes of life in Roman times.
In addition to the mosaics of paving of the complex there are also numerous polychrome wall paintings.
The Villa del Casale, due to its large size, is divided into four groups: the first group consists of the entrance to the monumental complex and the thermal area; the second consists of the peristyle with the living room and guest quarters; the third is composed from the Basilica and various rooms; the fourth consists of the triclinium and the elliptical courtyard.
The groups are arranged in terrace precisely to comply with the morphological characteristics of the terrain on which the complex was built.
Outside the villa were furthermore discovered the remains of aqueducts used for the water supply of the house.

Piazza Armerina
Piazza Armerina
Piazza Armerina