Piana degli Albanesi

Piana degli Albanesi (about 32 km from the B&B):

The village of Piana of the Albanians is one of the oldest greek-Albanian colonies in Sicily.
The history, tradition and culture of the area are deeply rooted in the local population and even today the Sicilian language-Albanian is the main language spoken by the locals.
Even the names of the streets and shops are written in Sicilian-Albanian language.
The area is surrounded by a beautiful natural environment, the mountains surrounding the town, the beautiful lake and the rich vegetation of the Oriented Nature Reserve of Selve of Pizzuta make this territory really unique.
The village is rich of beautiful fountains and has many interesting buildings such as the Sanctuary of Madonna of Odigitria, built at the foot of Mount Pizzuta in ‘500.
To visit the Cathedral of St. Great Martyr Demetrius, majestic building of worship with a facade characterized by the splendid mosaics and that preserves inside a massive wooden iconostasis, one of the largest in Sicily.
Famous for its traditions, in Piana of the Albanians still today are realized the embroideries that decorate the typical ancient female costumes or the processing of naturally leavened bread.
Every year is organized the famous Festival of the Cannolo, sweet typical of Sicily, which in this town is known for being particularly delicious, thanks to the recipe jealously kept by local confectioners.
All around the lake of Piana of the Albanians there are various picnic areas surrounded by greenery where you can sit and make a barbecue immersed in a beautiful natural environment.

Piana degli Albanesi
Piana degli Albanesi